For us, rice is not only an extraordinary product.
It’s responsibility towards
consumer and love for our territory.



A long history of success.

Grandi Riso spa is born from the experience of the Grandi Family,
who has been working in the rice industry for more than 4 generations.
Over the course of the years the constant commitment of the Grandi Family has turned Grandi Riso from a local business into a global one.


Totally “handcrafted”

The core of the Grandi Riso High quality standard lies in the choice
of directly managing the entire production process.
Our quality department carefully supervises every step,
from the paddy drying until the production process which involves: removing
the husk or outer layers from the paddy;
polishing the brown rice to remove the bran layer;
separating the broken grains from the whole kernels; managing and packaging the products.

To preserve the quality we submit
the raw material to severe tests before
entering the production process.


Our production chain

Our strenght lies in the high quality of our products.

Nutritional values make rice
an healthy and easily digestible food.

347 Kcal - 1545 Kj
(N x 6,25 ) 8 g

average nutritional values
per 100 g of product

78 g
0,8 g


Our rice is 100% from Italy.

Our company buys paddy rice which comes mainly from the basso ferrarese and basso veneto area, straddling the Delta del Po one.
The high rice quality of this area depends upons the fertile microclimate which benefit the paddy fields.

The delta del Po fields are rich of microelements which limit the use of pesticides and herbicides.