Soup of rice, chickpeas and Savoy cabbage

preparation time
20 MIN
cooking time
20 MIN
for this recipe we recommend
Volano in purezza

ingredients for 4 persons
180 g Grandi Riso pure Volano rice
2 l vegetable stock
2 tins of chickpeas, 400g each or 480g of cooked chickpeas
300 g cleaned savoy cabbage
2 vine tomatoes
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
Grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to serve

1 Wash the cabbage and cut into small pieces. Strain the chickpeas and rinse them under water. Boil the stock in a pan with high sides. Add 100 g of Savoy cabbage and half of the chickpeas and boil them for 8 minutes.

2 Blend the vegetables with the stock until a thick and smooth liquid is achieved. Put the pan back on the heat, bring back to boiling, add the rice and cook it, mixing often.

3 Blanch the tomatoes in water for 1 minute, strain them, remove their skins and seeds and cut into small cubes.

4 At 5 minutes before the end of cooking the rice add the Savoy cabbage and the remaining chickpeas and season with salt. When the rice is al dente, remove the pan from the heat, add the cubed tomatoes, stir together and ladle the soup into soup dishes. Dress with a swirl of oil and a sprinkle of ground pepper and serve with the Parmesan on the side.