The great quality of the Grandi Riso rice comes from the short production chain that allows the product to reach store shelves in few steps.

Our short production chain

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Raw material

we have always been establishing strong relationships with farmers so as to comply with the highest quality standard in paddy harvesting and rice production.

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Paddy drying

our paddy is slowly dried to better preserve the health benefits of rice.

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Rice production

in our factory every stage in the production process is carried out combining both the traditional method with the latest technology


Grandi Riso spa lies within the paddy fields of the “Provincia Ferrarese” and covers an area of approximately 70.000 square meters, 10.000 of which are intended for rice production & packaging.

Within the heart of Delta del Po Territory

70.000 sqm

of total area

205 silos

for a rice's storage capacity of

21.690 t

Rice grain dryers

Grandi Riso is the only italian rice mill which can guarantee paddy drying process within its facility.

Totally “handcrafted”.

Our paddy drying has a production capacity of

750 tons

per day


Focus on quality has always been part of our story. For this reason we have always been trying to identify the best balance between tradition and latest technology. The result of our quest is an extraordinary rice.

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Production process

Rice production consists of two steps: the first one is the removal of the hard protective husk through a process which has not changed over time. Once removed, the rice grain is packaged as brown rice.

The Second step is the Removal of the germ and brown layers. from the grain, to expose a white starch centre which is then polished and finally packaged.


Quality before everything

You can find the expertise of our personnel in every product we make. Because we love rice, and what we do.


Grandi Riso in the world

We can easily ship our products from the docks of Livorno and Ravenna. We have consolidated our position within the European market and we can address any request from worldwide clients too.

We do business worldwide